The Friction Coefficient

Since grad school, Iggy Burns has wanted to do one thing with her chemistry degree: to develop and make all-natural lube. When she and a friend submit for a small business grant to help them open a sex shop in their small town, Buckley, they’re not expecting to get denied by the town’s mayor.

Clark Wales, young mayor of Buckley, just wants to help it prosper again, and he thinks he has just the right solution: tourism from nearby Philadelphia. Problem is, they need to maintain their small town charm, and at least some members of his city council think that does not involve having a local sex shop.

Sparks fly when, after a day of connection, Iggy finds out that Clark is mayor and has denied her grant application. But when they get stuck working together on the town’s annual founder’s day festival, will they find common ground, or will they slide away from each other?


Key Change

Charlotte Nilsson, guitarist by night and barista by day, needs money to help her grandmother and disabled mother pay for significant repairs to their house’s foundation. When the manager of rock band the Purple Sevens offers her an audition for a spot in the band—along with enough money to cover the foundation repairs if she gets it—she can’t say no.

There’s just one catch: she must disguise herself as a man or risk the band’s sexy image and popularity with women. Charlotte, dressed as a man, nails the audition, but, by the manager’s request, the other members don’t know her real identity. She clashes with the stormy bassist, Jasper Jones, who secretly wants the band to break up so he can spend more time working on the nonprofit he started for his dead mother.

Despite the initial sparks of conflict, the two eventually become close, and Charlotte develops feelings for him. But she knows that while Jasper believes she’s a man, nothing can happen with him. What she doesn’t know is that Jasper is bisexual and wants her just as much as she wants him.

The Art of the Heart

Eyre Kirchner, tattoo artist and owner of the new tattoo parlor, Pincushion, thinks she’s found her dream house. That is, until the ornery artist renovating it slams the door in her face.

Griffin Sterling is living his dream, flipping houses and imparting his own artistic flair to them. That is, until his latest interested buyer is the woman who broke his heart years ago.

But Fishtown’s a small neighborhood, and the two keep running into each other, remembering how close they used to be. Will Griffin be able to forgive Eyre in time before her lease runs out?