The Friction Coefficient

Since grad school, Iggy Burns has wanted to do one thing with her chemistry degree: to develop and make all-natural lube. When she and her best friend submit for a small business grant to help them open a sex shop in their small town, Buckley, they’re not expecting to get denied by the town’s mayor.

Clark Wales, young mayor of Buckley, just wants to help it prosper again, and he thinks he has just the right solution: tourism from nearby Philadelphia. Problem is, they need to maintain their small town charm, and at least some members of his borough council think that does not involve having a local sex shop.

Sparks fly when, after a day of connection, Iggy finds out that Clark is mayor and has denied her grant application. But when they get stuck working together on the town’s winter festival, will they find common ground, or will they slide away from each other?